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Thanksgiving in India! – a “Listicle”

Thanksgiving in India is very different from Thanksgiving in the U.S. Nevertheless, they take this time in the Indian state of Goa to thank God for all of their materials and spiritual benefits.

Here is a list of the three ways India celebrates the harvest season a bit differently from how we do…

  1. Date: Whereas we celebrate our holiday around this fall season, they celebrate August 15th each year.
  2. Food: Whereas we focus on eating turkey, ham, and dressing, farmers work to harvest milk-filed corn from the rice field and grain, and even give each other chocolates as gifts!
  3. History/Traditions: Whereas we call it “Thanksgiving,” and get the idea from the story of the pilgrims and Native Americans, they call it “Ladin” or “Ladainha,” in which sponsored by a different person every year who either seeks benefits or has been lucky enough to have God’s special grace.

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Augtonia Coleman

Thanksgiving in Australia!

In Australia Thanksgiving is celebrated as an opportunity rather than an event for the people to celebrate their blessings. There mission statement states.. “Thanking God…thanking each other.” It’s meant to show appreciation towards God and everyone else. Australians are all about thanking their community and citizens of the community on Thanksgiving Day. Also God, is the main reason for their celebration on Thanksgiving.

Abraia Williams


Thanksgiving With Africa!

Thanksgiving is not only my favorite holiday but it is nationalized as the day were we people give thanks for the blessings we’ve had so far in the year. Celebrating it with family and friends makes it even better and makes you appreciate the things you’ve had or have the chance to get to do.

In other countries like Africa thanksgiving is celebrated just like the US. Only difference is that Africa has it in August to mark it has the end of the rainy season. Thanksgiving is celebrated like a huge harvest festival with a lot of religious significance. There are many tribe dancing and singing, which in the U.S. We won’t dance or sing. Also Africa will have the dancers put on traditional masks and costumes which would symbol their pride of there land and family. Each Dance during thanksgiving would tell a story or unfolds a unique story. Africa even had another name for the holiday thanksgiving, it’s called “Festival of the Yams” which means the same as thanksgiving but theirs is offerings to God and ancestors. This celebration is had throughout many countries in Africa.

So the way Africa celebrates thanksgiving is a little bit different from the U.S. but the meaning of the holiday doesn’t change. It is still celebrated with family and thanking God for all their blessings.

– TJ Burdette





Thanksgiving in the Netherlands

The Netherlands have somewhat the same type of Thanksgiving traditions as the United States. Thanksgiving day is important to the Dutch. The pilgrims that landed in America all those years ago landed in Leiden in the Netherlands where they stayed for quite a while. Today in Leiden there is a thanksgiving celebration that is held at the Pieterskerk which is a Gothic church in the city where one of the leaders of the pilgrims John Robinson is buried. You get traditional Thanksgiving meals on the third Thursday of November. Even resturants like Hard Rock Cafe have regular meals from Thanksgiving.
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Happy Thanksgiving “FELIZ DIA DE ACCAO DE GRACAS!”

Since we are on the topic of someone else’s thanksgiving i chose Brazil.

Brazilians thanksgiving is as you can say a mirrored view of Americans thanksgiving. that is because When the Ambassador of Brazil visited U.S. at the invitation of National Cathedral of Washington, D.C., he was over joyed by the concept of thanksgiving and brought it to his homeland. In Brazil, it is a sort of expressing gratitude to Almighty for an enormous harvest. Though acclaimed for its Carnival celebrations they cannot be undermined in other festivities. Let us thank the US for sharing something so wonderful and positive with another country. TWO THUMBS way up ^^^^^^^^

Davis, Stacy