Thanksgiving in India is very different from Thanksgiving in the U.S. Nevertheless, they take this time in the Indian state of Goa to thank God for all of their materials and spiritual benefits.

Here is a list of the three ways India celebrates the harvest season a bit differently from how we do…

  1. Date: Whereas we celebrate our holiday around this fall season, they celebrate August 15th each year.
  2. Food: Whereas we focus on eating turkey, ham, and dressing, farmers work to harvest milk-filed corn from the rice field and grain, and even give each other chocolates as gifts!
  3. History/Traditions: Whereas we call it “Thanksgiving,” and get the idea from the story of the pilgrims and Native Americans, they call it “Ladin” or “Ladainha,” in which sponsored by a different person every year who either seeks benefits or has been lucky enough to have God’s special grace.

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Augtonia Coleman