Thanksgiving day is an official day that is celebrated in the United States of America and in some other states of the world like Canada etc. It is a public holiday celebrated on the last Thursday of the ending week of the November. The day was started by the proclamation of the American president in the early of 20th century. The official treatment and declaration of the day was firstly issued by the “American Colonial Governor Jonathan Belcher”, however this concept of holiday is treated differently in the other regions of the world like Canada. However, there are some controversial arguments found in the history regarding first thanksgiving. For this instance, the different kind of goods and sweet dishes are cooked or made to celebrate the Thanksgiving Day. Some of the historians are suggested that the first thanksgiving day was originally celebrated in the in the late 17th century by the American president George Washington while some other suggested that this day was firstly celebrated officially by the American president.

The Thanksgiving Day also celebrates in the other nations of the world with some changing names or according to their cultures and traditions. In Canada, the thanksgiving day is also being celebrated in the second week of the October on Monday. The Canadian nation uses to celebrate this day to say thanks to the God for the good and profitable Harvest. In Canada, the first thanksgiving was celebrated by an English man “Martin Frobisher”. This day is being celebrated as the traditional event or activity in the different regions of the world. Similarly, the different foods are especially cooked or made to make the day memorable and unforgettable.

In Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan thanksgiving day is also being celebrated but with some different thoughts and aspects. In Muslim countries, this day is replaced with the Eid day and being celebrated as the religious activity. They make their gatherings and perform their religious activities and then celebrate the day with sweets and some other especially makes dishes. This is a good event which helps to bring the people closer to each. This day is being celebrated throughout the country so helps to reduce or avoid the racial and other ethnic differences among the people of the society. On Thanksgiving Day, people use to contribute the large amount in the charitable institutions and works for the welfare and development of the poor people.

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