Written By: Anthony A. Wadsworth

Germany’s version of the American holiday, Thanksgiving is called Erntedankfest, which translates to Thanksgiving, or harvest festival. Erntedankfest is celebrated on the first Sunday of October, and is a mostly rural celebration with town parades and the like. Its is quite similar to the traditions of Thanksgiving in the United States. Though they too celebrate Erntedankfest in a similar manner, they celebrate for their thanks for regional farmers’ harvests (Tulane).  It is also interesting to know that it is actually not an officially observed holiday of any German-speaking region (UCM). The celebration is also typically incorporated into most Protestant Church services, some even make the celebration an all day event. The foods they eat are the same in Germany as they are in the United States. The history of the German celebration predates that of the United States Thanksgiving celebration, though its exact date is unknown.

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