If i was to make a viral phenomena it would be something that I feel is messed up with the youth of today. It is a pretty serious matter that I see all the time in school and in the world. I would try and make it viral about how badly people treat one another when it comes to dating and relationships and how it should stop. I see people getting played and done dirty all the time and it makes you kind of afraid to even try to date. The mindset that I see in young people now a days is that if I have two or three mates then if the other person is doing me the same way then I will have them to fall back on and I won’t be hurt. I think that it’s sad that people think like that. I would try to get the one gf/bf challenge to go viral because that’s really all that people need. It might sound silly but it would help out a lot. Their would be happier people and the std rate would probably go down because people would have less partners.

Joshua Walden