Starr Gordon


Eng 1020-36

19 October 2014

Blog response to Sugata Mitra

The man name is Sugata Mitra. He is a scientist. Sugata is a professor of Educational Technology at the school of Education. He is known for his “hole in the Wall” project. He was the winner of the TED prize. Mitra was described as the renaissance man by the University of London. The Hole in the Wall came about  from nineteen-ninety nine to two thousand and one Mr. Mitra took a computer and placed in a Kiosk in a wall in a slum in Dheli the children were allowed to you it freely. The project proved that children could be taught by computers, he termed it as  Minimally Invasive Education. It has been used in new places, there are more than twenty three Kiosks  in rural India. It carried on in Cambodia in two thousand and four. I think what he has created gave kids the opportunity to use a computer and have a education.  The hole in the wall experiment has impacted pop culture. A  man named Vikas Swarup read upon Mitra’s experiment and decided to write his novel. Vikas’s novel later became a movie called Slumdog Millionaire. All the kids who uses those computers are deep thinkers now. When the session is over with the children still Google further. Two students who wanted to be football players watched eight TED Talks and now wanted to be a Leonardo Devinci.

I think Sugata Mitra technique was very creative and was and still is vey innovating. Education can transform somebody’s life. The students in India were making zeros and now there grades has improved. Minimally Invasive education is a method that uses learning environment to generates levels of motivation to induce  learning in the groups of children or no intervention  by a teacher. The process also uses the children’s curiosity and enables an environment with the learning station so the children can learn on their own. They pick up problem solving skills plus they can share their knowledge in the process in a highly natural environment with a group. The Learning Station can engage the children in their own interests. It also focuses on the teacher’s classroom. This whole process is amazing. Sugata Mitra has a big heart to help kids in India. The schools in India are provided by public sector and private sector.  Sugata  Mitra has achieved many awards like TED award and  that was in Two Thousand and thirteen. He won 1 million dollar prize to build his school in the cloud. Mitra invited the world to embrace setting up self organized learning environments (SOLEs) and helping him to create a Learning lab in India. He said to him winning that TED award it was a great symbols of recognition. He did not know anything about Self directed until nineteen ninety nine. I say Self orignized Learning Enviroments or Sole was a positive thing. The  Hole in the wall is a good project to.