The most important thing that people have on their lives is their dreams. Dreams are goals that everybody have deep inside and try to become true. In order to reach these objectives is necessary to work very hard. Never give up means to keep trying and never stop, I totally agree with this statement because of three reasons: first, as long as you’re alive everything is possible, second because you have to learn from mistakes in order to make it better next time and third because you are stronger than you think.

To start with, as long as you’re alive everything is possible. There are chances everywhere, if you didn’t succeed this time in this place, you will do it next time in next place. If you just give up, then you will not see the chances and everything would seem more difficult because you didn´t develop the skills to see chances.

Equally important is learning from mistakes; nobody masters something at the first chance and you surely will make mistakes. Mistakes let you see what you don’t have to do or the way how things doesn’t work; thus if you keep trying you will now which is the wrong way and you will think about a new way that could work. The only unacceptable failure is to give up because it means rejecting the opportunity of master something, of living better.

Finally, even when you could seem or feel weak your spirit strength is huge. It is necessary to prove oneself that is possible to achieve what you have set out to do; because you deserve to be happy and because if someone else has achieved what you have set out then so you can.

To sum up, “never give up” should be the phrase you repeat everyday if you really want to make your dreams come true because of three major reasons: first ,as long as you are alive everything is possible, second because to master something is necessary to fail and make mistakes and finally because you have strength enough to fight for your dreams. Continue dreaming and never give up!

-Saleh Almakhalas