Ever since I picked up my first camera, I’ve wanted to use all of my knowledge about the craft to do something that makes a difference. By nature, I am a humanist. I believe that regardless of gender, social status, culture, class level, race, sexuality and religion, people are every bit equal and should be treated as such. In my opinion, humanity has been severely mislead by many huge influences in our lives to believe that life is something that it is not. We accept what these huge influencers (like the media, politicians, pastors, local leaders) communicate into our lives, rarely questioning their positions. We act accordingly to what we are taught, even if it isn’t the fairest, most truthful and transparent way of going about things. I truly believe that we have been shown an severely flawed curriculum to how life is “supposed” to be, but not many seek their own way. I have a strong desire to make a film that shines light on the status of humanity, how people DO view each other versus how people COULD view others, how governments and religions play the biggest roles in shaping our life views and the process of breaking from these systems to form your own opinion. As a society, I believe that we have stopped putting a focus on the self-responsibility to determine for our own lives what is right and wrong, and get honest with ourselves about how we think about our own lives, and how we treat other people. What if there is a better way of going about processing and living life than our current standard? I want to present these ideas in a way that gets people thinking. I believe the rest would unfold.

This sort of short film would be intended for the general public, reaching through many cultures. Making this film interesting enough with visuals, featuring creditable people, and an intriguing dialog that perks peoples’ interest, I believe something like this could get picked up by activist groups and go viral on social media sites.

The longer I sit on this system of thinking, the more important it becomes to me to walk people through the thought processes. Who knows, maybe one day, right?

-Raeanna Anglen