The viral phenomena I would create is a short video/song informing all ages to laugh and look at life through laughter. I would make it silly to attract kids and hopefully the adults would catch on as well because it would be for all ages. The video would have to be silly and make the audience laugh of course because the whole meme is for laughter. It would be a little informative also like a humorous PSA. Inform people that laugher and acting silly once or twice a day will better off their health and days. In the last few minutes of the video I can have a very humorous song created and play informing people to go through their day with lots of laughter and being silly/happy. Because it is proven that more often happy people live healthier and more fulfilling life’s and that includes laughing every once and a while. I know it would go viral because anything funny that makes people laugh while also informing them means a big deal. Family could share with other family members so they could help their health. Nowadays anything that can be visible throughout the Internet and is funny will go viral and that why I know that my viral meme would be a phenomenal.
The overall message in this viral meme would be to make people feel good while informing them about laughing to make their life’s better. The meme could make you take action in you’re life as well. By being informed to cheer up your life you’ll be informed on how to do such as well. Everyone will need to see this viral meme, your life and humor will increase with life. Laugher could possibly save some lives in our lifetime.