I am going to discuss about a very serious topic that literally can change others life and in return your own life. Yes, ‘Pass a Smile’. Believe it or not, the consequences of this act are enormously great.

The purpose of choosing such a topic is that people are living a great paced life and we are experiencing increase in the mental diseases over the past few years. We have no time left for our social life and hence, depression is increasing day by day in the society.

My message is that when you are walking to your college, office, home etc and you see a strange person coming, just pass a smile. It will cost you nothing but can do wonders in others life. I recently came to know an incident in which a person using the same method passed a smile at a stranger. After some time, he accidently met the same person and the stranger told him that in depression he was going to commit suicide but his smile made him change his mind.

My message is to people of all categories to pass a smile to every stranger you see as everyone is fighting problems in life for their survival.

Sultan Alsultan