Written By: Anthony Wadsworth

If I were to create something to go viral, I would pick something serious. Everybody wants to make a difference, but some don’t know how or lack a cause (or resources) important enough to do so. Since the PSA project, I felt like its one thing to talk about a problem, but another to actually take steps to make a change. The PSA project my group and I were involved in was cyber bullying. After the research and reading the countless news reports and statistics regarding cyber bullying, I felt like I had to do something. Although I’m a full time student with enough projects to last me a decade, and work outside of my studies, I still feel like it is an obligation to do something, anything. Besides, every great movement has to start somewhere. My message is to primarily inform others of the severity of cyber bullying, and to shed some light on possible actions that could be taken. My audience is everyone and anyone who will listen. Listen not to me, but to those who can’t defend themselves. To the countless and ever increasing victims of cyber bullying. My goal is to arm people with the tools necessary to fight back against bullying. My proposal is simple: to get enough people to agree that people should be allowed to “call out” bullying anonymously on Facebook and other social networking mediums. Included is a link to the proposal ( https://www.facebook.com/pages/Simply-Make-A-Difference/817530078298255 ).