I would like to start by saying that this particular presentation was brilliant. Sugata Mitra who an education scientist tackled a battle that stated, “The best teachers and schools are not placed where they are needed most.” I am a believer of that simply because that is a problem that I was faced with growing up. The best of the best of the teachers did not or refused to come and teach where I attended school at. Mr. Mitra started a real-life experiment with the kids of New Delhi to South Africa to Italy. He set up computers with self-supervised access to the web and monitored the results over time. The results he got was magnificent, he made learning for these kids fun. Mr. Mitra achieved this fun while learning for the kids by simply giving them a computer to less fortunate kids who have never used one. Since things such as the web and the computer were new to these kids they were eager to learn how to use this new technology. Mr. Mitra believes that children will learn what they want to learn, and learning the computer is something the children would like to learn. Mr. Mitra first test with the hole in the wall computer was to show that children can indeed teach themselves how to operate a computer without help from others. That is something I call amazing, if a child can gain knowledge on their own from a computer what is the use of a teacher. Do not get me wrong I am not against teachers in any way I have a lot of respect for teachers that actual love their job. I am just speaking on terms of the children who had teachers that refuse to teach these lets fortunate kids of certain areas. If the computer can teach these kids just as much as a teacher could everyone wins, the kids learn and the teachers can still refuse to not teach these kids. Mr. Mitra did indeed face an obstacle one in which he had to come in terms that the computer could not teach the kids everything, and a physical teacher was needed. If a teacher could be replaced by a machine should be replaced. Mr. Mitra was driven by a statement told to him which said “with interest there is education.” After Mr. Mitra had been going on, the groups of students started to use things such as Google to help them with their homework, which resulted in the grades of the groups children increased. All and all I feel that Mr. Mitra experiment seems to be great and has more greatness in store. It is a reflection of how technology is growing. Just by giving unfortunate kids a computer with web access will change a lot for these children educational wise. Mr. Mitra’s presentation was genius and I would like to see more updates from him and his studies with these kids and their gains from the use of a computer.

Davis, Stacy