I always thought english classes were based on essay writing, the use of proper grammar, and the punctuation of words. But being in Dr. Anderson’s class up to this point has taught me, that is not all english is about. Dr. Anderson is an amazing professor, she’s tries her very best to make everyone understand what she is discussing in class. The first day of class when she said that we were going to be talking about digital literacy I thought “what does that have to do with english really”?. She made us read articles on the topic that was provided for the semester to help us comprehend more on what was going to be discussed in class so no one would be left out. I enjoy doing the blog posts because it helps me get more information on the topic assigned. My best work in class has been doing the group PSA video, it helped me to interact with other class mates and also get their opinions on what we were assigned, I was also able to provide information about something that has been affecting the world and still is.

I have appreciated and liked these past few weeks because, it has opened my understanding to so many different things and given me so much information about things that I had no idea about, this class has also made me to be able to get most of my academic work done on time because Dr. Anderson does not accept late work.

-Amarachi Nwaneri.