Before the fall semester I’ve heard about Dr. Anderson class, and the class would talk about food and analyze reasons why food was the way it was. Personally I love food so I was happy to have a class about one of my favorite things. I came to figure out that the class is not talking about food at all, Dr Anderson changed the topic of the class to digital technology. I knew a little about digital technology before this class but now I’m learning a lot more. This class is different from any other English class I’ve had and I like it way better. Instead of just reading something and writing a paper about it we learn the ropes of being a digital citizen and it’s quite interesting. I look forward to this class every Tuesday and Thursday because talking about and learning about technology which our generation uses more and more of every year is interesting. Dr. A is a different professor, which to me is a good thing and she keeps her students interested which lets us learn and comprehend better. So I’m looking forward to the next few weeks of this class and learning more about digital literacy.