Well, ENGL 1020 has not been a typical English class for me. In fact, I, for some reason, keep waiting for the moment Dr. Anderson tells us to pull out our textbooks and follow along with her powerpoint lesson for the day. And as you can tell, it hasn’t happened yet.

Our theme of Digital Citizenship has taken some adjustment on my behalf, considering I only check Facebook once a month as it is. I don’t feel like a very good citizen in this digital world because I am just very inactive in it. Nevertheless, it is thought-provoking, so it has been worthwhile. And I have found myself diagnosing a lot of students on campus. ;D

I won’t fib and say this class has been a piece of cake. It isn’t that it is “hard,” but this course has introduced me to a practice that I am, in no way, familiar with: REFER TO THE SYLLABUS. I mean, I’m pretty sure that I could get a witness or two that it is not something that our previous instructors ever emphasized. However, it has improved as time has gone on, and I’m getting use to flipping through 11 pages daily.

Augtonia Coleman