Patrick Mosley

5 Do’s

1. Always save your work that you do online.

2. Always logoff of your profile or email when you get off the computer.

3. Make sure that you keep your location turned off.

4. Keep a privacy setting on all important things on your computer.

5. keep your wifi locked on your computer.

5 Don’ts

1. Don’t share pics on the internet

2. Don’t give out your passwords to your emails.

3. Don’t logon to just any computer.

4. Don’t just fall for the popup adds on the computer.

5. Don’t trust people with your computer.

I gave these Do’s and Don’ts because it is important that my little brother knows that its people out there that are up to no good when it come to peoples information and a computer can be a good thing and a very dangerous thing also. The less you trust…

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