Written By: Anthony A. Wadsworth

In the modern day and age, we have so many tools at our disposal to make things better. By better I mean, more efficient, faster, easier, you know, just better! Texting is a brilliant form of communication. It allows the writer to control how and what is said through a series of short-hand and not so short comments. When you talk with someone, you have a marked decrease of control. Control over your emotions and clarity in your words and thoughts purveyed may sometimes be skewed or even misinterpreted. Texting allows an individual to review what they write in such a way that they can clearly and definitely, which reduces problems of raised emotions, misinterpretation, and so on.

As for the effects of texting on intimacy on the social front: there is no denying that speaking with someone in person, holds a higher value on a conversation than mere texting. For example: people have entire relationships online through dating websites. They have the capability of showing someone else the better sides of you before they can, “really,” get to know you. I strike the question, “if a couple is involved in solely texting and emails (or any other form of social media communication) for 5 years, and another couple who has been together in person for the same length of time; Which would be more likely to last?”  The truth is, knowing someone through any means other than talking holds less value than taking the time to really know someone.

As communicating via social networking mediums has its benefits, it has its reciprocating cons. Basically, nothing will ever be worth the old fashioned form of communication, talking. At its best, social communication mediums let someone think that another cares about them.  That value will eventually wane if there is no following up with a face-to-face or in person conversation/ connection.