Texting and digital communication through messaging apps have created an entirely new system of communication. This route of connection sets comfortable boundaries between people. Yes, technically we can have an entire conversation of words on a screen, but the human connection is every bit lost. It is so easy to have sticky conversations over text due to confrontational issues, just as much as having loving conversations through text doesn’t give the full effect. When we stop conversing face to face, when we stop looking into people’s eyes when they speak to us, we lose the largest part of our humanity. The connection, the spark, the chemistry between two people… all of this is lost within a worded message on a digital device. Humans have intricate details to their existence that other species do not have. By shielding ourselves from people in this way, we miss out on the magic of real conversation, causing social underdevelopments, conversational deficiencies and overall creating a completely disconnected society. The reference to the modern day Goldilocks is spot on, however, we have the ability, control and right to make intentional decisions about how we communicate. We should use that knowledge.

-Raeanna Anglen