In this modern era and time we have so many ways to talk and build relationships with each other. Not only can we communicate on email or phone but there’s another way that can always be at your convenience which is texting. Texting is faster and a genius way of communicating with each other. In some ways it’s better than face to face because it lets you think before your text and send. For example: if your having a bad day or in a argument you say things you most of the time don’t mean, but with texting you can always think about what your saying and your in control of it. Basically you have full control over your emotions and that’s why I agree with people when that say texting is better than talking on the phone. It’s best to have the best of both worlds though because some things are best to do in person. You won’t have a Job interview through texting so having those communication skills is needed.

When it comes to intimacy and relationships its best do have it face to face which in today’s time people do everything through media or some form of technology which even in includes relationships and dating. There’s no doubt that in person dating is better than online dating, with that being said it’s also more healthier to have a relationship in person than to always have to talk through text or on phone. But with how today is and the era people have full dating relationships through online dating services, which to me is not real and doesn’t show who the person really is. Online dating services only show the good and what that other person only wants you to know. In person relationships always last more than just online so I think people should leave relationships and dating to in person.
Media is good for us and helps out people in everyday life but when it comes to dating and relationships it should be left to in person. At least till you fully know the person and then texting all the time and on the phone will come. Friendships and family it really doesn’t matter, just intimacy and relationships have an issue with online.