The process of getting into a relationship in the modern age have become so much quick that at a single moment we are having so much connections with a lot of people and at the other moment we delete the connection from our list and breakup. In this digital era, we rely on technology to build connections and then turning those connections into friendship. When we have to end the relationship with someone, we delete that person from our contact list. Sherry Turkle’s claim is right that we are expecting more from technology and less from each other because everyone is busy in using gadgets and doing social networking that we are not aware of the actual figures of the society. We make ourselves away from each other by just connecting each other through technology. People are having relationships through technology rather than having a real personal connection with that particular person. Meeting of friends is now mostly seen through technology on social media, which is not a good sign for the development of a good society. Relationships made through direct contact and intimacy exists for a long time. It also makes youth familiar with the society and helps to learn social norms and culture of the society.

SUltan Alsultan