I would like to state that the use of text messages and social media, and all their communication alternatives are really damaging our verbal skills. Even though text messages are starting to becoming more convent it should not be your main way of communication. In the world today people are basically becoming robots, yes robots. people might as well walk around saying “hi my name is Iphone what is your name?” Many people are basically their phone, cannot go anywhere without it and their whole life comes crashing down when something happens to their precious cellular device. Turkle explain that we expect more out of technology and less from each other. That statement holds true because if you are a so called bad with sending text messages people will disconnect you. You may be a bad with text messages but i will spend my last dollar and bet that the bad text sender has no problem with holding a verbal conversation. On the other foot the person who lives for text messages are poor in the department of face to face conversation and even worse on phone conversations. If you are so connected to your phone with lots of people to text because you prefer text as your main source of communication, your attention will be in your inbox and not talking on a phone or being face to face with someone.

Davis, Stacy