In “Alone Together” Sherry Turkle goes over and explains the connection between people and technology and how it is growing. She talks about how the thrill of talking to someone through a computer, or machine as she calls it, is not only about becoming anyone you want, it also gives you the courage to say anything you want, and not worry about being accepted. When you’re behind a “machine” it’s easy to confront someone or tell someone what you think. The same goes for texting. It’s so much easier when you are mad at someone about something to text it to them instead of calling or saying it in person. You can still express your emotions, because the person knows if you send a “!!” after the message you are trying to basically say it loudly, either happily or mad depending on the message. Texting is a good thing, because instead of things escalating to a shouting match or saying things you might not mean, you are texting them so you have time to clearly think about your words before you hit send. Nowadays kids as young as seven or eight have cell phones and instead of parents going out to get them for dinner or bed or some other reason, they simply text them. While that might be convenient it also shows just how lazy society has become.  It might be convenient to send a quick message to someone instead of having to call them, but most texts don’t end with just one quick message.

-Saleh Almakhalas