Texting Problems

Our generation depends on text messaging like that’s the only tool we can use to communicate with each other.  It has become a societal problem that so many of us can’t live without texting. I have never been big fan of texting and I don’t want too because of the negative impact it can have on someone life. Even though texting can be beneficial in some ways only if we were able to use in an appropriate way and don’t let it be a habit in our life. Texting also can put our life at risk such as texting and driving has been a hot topic in the media. Texting have had negative influence on some of us students as well, like our academic skills because it damages our writing skills such as grammars, punctuations beside that we use so many made up words that don’t even exist in the dictionary such as : lol, omg, smh etc. The next thing we know it damages us verbally.  All these things can have big impact on our professional life when writing professional letters or resumes.

Texting also puts many of us in danger such us when crossing the roads or driving. It takes our attentions away and that can cause death or serious injuries to a person life. Texting also affect us psychologically I know people who are very addicted to texting and expect to get everything they want in life so fast which makes the persons to become so impatient. Texting affect one’s social life in a negative sense. It increases stress. As found by Ya-Shu Liang, a licensed psychologist and Ph.D. holder, the use of extensive texting can lead to “’maintenance expectations,’ like expecting a fast response from a text, which can increase over-dependence and can lead to decreased satisfaction in a relationship,” So we should not make texting a habit or become addictive to it because is not good for our mind and health. We should always be aware of the negative outcomes that can have on us. Text smart!!!

-Muna Muday