Due to the improvement in digital technology, relationships have taken a new turn. Sherry Turkle’s book on intimacy, control, and relationships is very accurate. As the title implies I agree that people do expect more from technology than themselves. Texting as well as other means of communication has created a wall between people. I understand that some people are not exactly the boldest when it comes to interacting with people face-to-face, but when they get behind a computer or phone they gain some confidence to be able to communicate with others.

Now-a-days people prefer to look for relationships online and this has actually been made easier for them with the creation of social media and dating websites such as match.com and eharmony. I comprehend people are afraid of rejection, but getting let down when the person you have been talking to does not turn out to be what you expected is far worse. The problem with these’s medias and websites is people try to portray themselves in the best way possible leaving behind their flaws, of course no one wants to admit they have any. So they put up fake profile pictures and post things that are anything but true to gain attention. Once this attention has been received they try to connect with each other emotionally but I do not see how this is possible when they have not even meet. Messages are sent and received without any true emotions or feelings attached to them, and this takes away intimate meaning of the message. Intimacy and relationships are falling behind because people prefer to wake up to a good morning text rather than actually being with the person who sent it. This is not healthy because it builds barriers between people as Sherry wrote in her book “when technology engineers intimacy, relationship can be reduced to mere connections” . I do not believe technology can be controlled because people keep coming up with new ideas on daily basis.

-Amarachi Nwaneri.