1. Please do not type in capital letters because you are angry, no one can hear your tone.
  2. Do not talk to strangers.
  3. Do not argue or bully over the web, don’t become an internet gangster.
  4. Don’t use your debit or credit card for everything
  5. Please be yourself don’t put on a act just to gain friends


  1. Use a Paypal or a prepaid debit card for purchases
  2. Respect others the same way you would like to be respected
  3. Share but be fair, be mindful of what you post
  4. Call family instead of leaking private information
  5. Enjoy the benefits of just being online and having everything at your finger tips

I gave you these set of rules because i was once you a newbie. Only difference between you and I is that you have an experienced older sibling to make sure you don’t look crazy or embarrass yourself out here. i have done it enough for the both of us trust me.

Davis, Stacy