1-Be intelligent and save your privacy .

2-Use the internet to improve your skills and your knowledge,so your not wasting  your time .

3-Be respectful and kind when you communicate with your friends or other people.

4-Download programs that would help you to learn from internet .For example ,mathematics,chemistry or something that would help you to learn for your future career .

5-Be carful and aware about download illegal programs online.


1-Do not share your informations ,password or your privacy to anyone online.

2- Don’t be disrespectful and do not communicate with strangers.

3-Do not waste your time on video games or anything .

4- Do not give up or be afraid to achieve your goal or dream when you use the internet.

5-Do not regret about your mistakes because you will learn from it and you will be successful .

I have many experiences about life and online ,and I have mentioned all this rules because i want you to be carful and successful .In the internet ,there are lots of bad things and i want you to be aware .I want you to learn a good things and do not waste your time.I don’t want people take advantage of you and want you to be a proud that your smart and you know everything.

Saleh Almakhalas