Dear Ariana,

I know your generation is all about the Internet. You guys do everything on there and when I was your age we actually had fun outside and barely got on the computer. Everything we have on the Internet now, you guys are on there too. So I just want to tell you some do’s and don’ts for you because I care so much about you.


1. Always use a password that even you would have a hard time to remember.

2. Watch what you put online or post.

3 . Represent yourself in the way that you want people to see you as.

4. Be careful who you friend or let follow you.

5. Be knowledgeable and any info you put out on blog posts, etc.


1. Don’t give anyone your password because they could post something that you don’t want.

2. Don’t chat with people whom you don’t know.

3. Do believe everyone online is who they say they are.

4. Don’t believe everything that you see online.

5. Do not post anything and everything about you or what you’re doing.

Rachel A. Harris