Intimacy is closeness to something or somebody. So in this since a person can have intimacy with there phone because they are emotionally attached to their phones.For some reason she is saying that there is a disconection when some one is on their phones,that is possible because for example if you where setting at the dinner table to have a conversation with the family and your mother is talking and ask you a question and you are n instagram looking at selfies,on twitter sending tweets and texting multitasking and didnt hear a single a word your mother just said so now she is mad at you.

I guest being on your phone can distort the intimacy between you and that person.Technology is great because it is easier to use. Plus you can connect with anybody around the world or if you are a timid person you can keep your friend circle short.

If you have family that is in the miltary ,they have something called Skype.Skype is basically communication from a computer screen face to face. It is free ,upgrade you have to pay for. Another is named Ovoo, that is easy to use too. All you have to have is a email and password, you make up a username if you are private and donot want people to know your real name. It can be used by grandparents and seniors who donot know how to text or does not have a phone.

Today age is so fast pace because everybody is tweeting or on IG taking pictures for other people to see. Now a days you see I phones Smartphones or tablets.

Flip phones have gone out of style. Touchscreens arew the new popular trend. Everybody knows about everybody. They post everything on facebook to update their status. Personally i think you have to stay low key into digital society.