1) DON’T use all capital letters unless it is absolutely necessary!

It is just plain offensive when you read all caps. Feelings get hurt and people will usually misunderstand the entirety of what you’re saying because of this distraction.

2) DO proofread what you type before sending/posting/tweeting.

You will be embarrassed, ultimately, and your message can be misconstrued all because of a simple typo.

3) DON’T copy/forward/repost/retweet something online by someone else unless they would be okay with you doing so.

If they send it to you personally, it should, definitely, not be shared with others, and vice versa.

4) DO say thank you when complimented online.

It’s the polite thing to do, and they’ll appreciate it.

5) DON’T be a jerk when saying something online; be nice!

Mom always says, “You get more bees with honey than you do with vinegar!” 🙂

6) DO type it only if you could say it to their face!

Nobody likes to read stupidity or a virtual fussing. It is pure common courtesy to think of the people reading before typing.

7) DON’T write/post on somebody else’s page more than they do on it!

It is THEIR page, for goodness sakes!

8) DO give people a chance to respond!

It is a annoying if you message people over and over, and they won’t get back to you any quicker because you do. We all have lives, so let’s live them first!

9) DON’T share pictures of someone unless you have their permission!

The time that your friend is drinking and/or smoking at a house party and starts to behave like a lunatic may be a hilarious and very popular story… unless their employer runs by it. Some things should be kept a secret, so just don’t share images that your friend may not want the world to see of them.

10) DO dedicate the majority of your time to life around you (instead of being on your technology)!

Family and friends deserve you much more than a screen does. Don’t have FOMO, because life around you can be just as enjoyable!

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