The Do’s and Don’ts of the internet.
1. Be professional
2. Have good communication skills when talking to people.
3. Make sure you proof read before you send out messages.
4. Use the internet to help you with academic progress.
5. Explore new things such as meeting international students.
6. Be aware that your social media account is like your resume keep it neat and appropriate because that’s where your employer’s will be checking when you apply for a job.
1. Waste a lot of time on the internet
2. Don’t break the computer when it’s slow.
3. Share too much of your personal life online.
4. Accept friend request from those you know.
5. Don’t share passwords.
I hope that you gained some knowledge about the DO’S and Don’ts of the internet. As we all know there is digital problem every day in some parts of the world, because people don’t understand that the usage of the Internet comes with a responsibility as a digital citizens. We should know what to expect or otherwise we can put our life in danger through the internet.
-Muna Muday