Hey! It’s your big sister, just writing to give you a list of do’s and don’ts of online manners.


1-Always verify friend requests and the people following you on social networks

2-Respect people’s privacy

3-Use strong passwords, never repeat the same one’s on different social networks

4-Post only appropriate things online

5-Always log out of social networks to avoid people from using your page or getting hold of personal information.


1-Aviod cyber-bulling

2-Steer clear of random pop-up Ad’s, because it might be a virus

3-Give out your personal information to strangers

4-Post things you will regret later

5-Never use profanity.

I specifically choose these tips because I believe they are the most important, especially if you want to continue being socially active. You should abide by the list’s above and always maintain a spick and span image.

-Amarachi Nwaneri.