Written By: Anthony A. Wadsworth

I wish to impart to you a handful of guidelines to the digital world. So here goes,


1) Treat others online as you would want in return.

2) Be patient. Not everyone will see things your way. Even if you know you’re right.

3) Be careful. With everything. Downloads, sites, sharing personal info, etc..

4) Question everything.

5) Remember, just about anyone can access and/or find anything you post. Including potential job opportunities.


1) Share anything until you’ve double and triple checked your facts.

2) Write sloppy.

3) Spend too much time online.

4) Use sites that cripple your use of that thing you have called a brain.

5) Forget that people can and will be fake.

When using social media, consider that if someone is lashing out, they may have something going on in their personal life. So instead of treating anger with anger, turn the tables. The internet can be a useful tool, but it can also be the most frustrating thing you’ll ever have to deal with. Practice patience early on. The world has its share of malicious people, and these people thrive online. Viruses, hacks and the like will eventually meet you. So protect yourself. Do NOT believe everything you read online, question everything. Even renowned figureheads, as they are just as human as the rest and are liable to make mistakes. Remember, the government, potential jobs, or anyone can find what you post.

The way in which you write and what you write can effect your credibility. Don’t spend too much time online. The internet is an unlimited source of information. Don’t be afraid to shut that thing off and go outside. I promise, it’ll be there when you get back. Don’t use sites that solve things for you, or does the work for you. You’re only hurting yourself in the long run.  Imagine the internet as a big face. That is all it is (for social media anyways). People want you to be jealous of what they have and what they’re doing. They’ll even go so far as to lie about it. Don’t fall for it. Just be YOU!