On the day of thanksgiving, I went to the mall to buy new clothes for the upcoming year and so I went to Macy’s and started looking around for a nice T-shirt. I looked and looked and looked, but there was nothing of my interest. So I decided to look around one more time, and then I saw this wolf shirt that just got my attention and I was curious to see how much the shirt cost. And it wasn’t that expensive. So I bought the shirt and try it on and suddenly in a minute I felt like there is a nice cool breeze that was flowing into my body and it felt so relaxing like a massage. Then I started to wear it wherever I go and when weather is hot the shirt keeps my body in a cool position mode as if it is an incredible shirt. I told my friends about it and they were really astonished about the way the shirt looks and how relaxing it felt while I wear it. They asked me where did you get it and I told them from mercy’s and it didn’t cost much because we were in the thanksgiving holiday and so all of them wish they could have the same shirt like I did but unfortunately after thanksgiving those wolf shirt were expensive. And I was glad that I got that wolf shirt at a good price.

Sultan Alsultan