This shirt has totally changed my life! I mean completely! I used to have no job, no girlfriend, no car, nor money! When I saw this shirt strangling along the street I knew it had to be brought somehow. It’s like the shirt sang to me! I had to have it, so I stooped to an all time low for me and randomly asked strangers on the street for change. After a day or two of nonstop begging I got enough money. I ordered it and the wait began. It took like a three days but it was all worth it. Ups gave me the package and as soon as it touched my hands I heard a little voice chant “I’m all yours” I but it on immediately and the greatness began. I got job offers out of nowhere, Girls started paying attention to me, I got a house for almost free and I was awarded with two new cars. I tell you this shirt couldn’t be any luckier. I suggest you get out there and buy you one today! Wolf Shirt get you one! Be like me!

– TJ Burdette