The Three Wolf Moon Shirt. (Incredible Experience)

     The three wolf moon shirt is one in a million. It can change your whole life after wearing it. Almost everyone who has worn this shirt have a lot to talk about both physically and emotionally. When I was in high school I used to see my classmates wearing it every other day and I used to question myself why some people are so crazy about this weird looking shirt.  I used to think that it was just a simple shirt with animal pictures on it, but actually it meant more than that.  And few months later I saw my little brother had it on.  I couldn’t believe it, he kept it somewhere safe so no one would take it from him it was one of his favorite shirts. Believe me he came out looking handsome on it. I wore it to school with my black hijab (Scarf).  I was feeling nervous about it because I thought it was men-type of shirt but to my surprise, I had a lot of compliments that day and that made me realize the magnetic attraction of the shirt. The other wonderful thing about this shirt is the quality of the fabric.  It remains forever new. I highly recommend this shirt to my friends, classmates and family.

-Muna Muday