The threes wolf t-shirt is magical alright, magical enough to make all these people think that they have luck when wearing it. There are so many that are wearing this shirt every chance they get until it gets worn and spreads apart. This shirt has helped one get a job, find love, feel peace and comfort when depressed, feel happy when sad, find life when dead, and gave them everything they want. It has also done something else and that is deceived and tricked fools into thinking it can do wanders. It started with a few people thinking that it gave them luck and sharing it with the world to make one think to buy to see if it can do the same for them. This is not logical. People control themselves, things do not. People get it in their mind that something good can come to past as soon or after they put the shirt on. Good things might happen as soon as they do too, but not because of a shirt. It is just a coincidence that things happen while the shirt is worn. The truth is that it’s all in people’s head and good things happen anyways in everyday life. I believe that if you are a good person and mean good in about everything you do, good things will come. This shirt should not dictate what happens in ones life.

Rachel A. Harris