Sometimes diamonds hide in the rough, other times the most magical article of life stares you straight in the face through a computer screen. I knew when I saw this shirt years ago, my life had shifted. Suddenly, I was aware of all its meaning. Three howling wolves claiming their territory by having a conversation with a glowing full moon laced in the starry galaxy printed on a tie-dye of my choosing. I’ve never seen anything that lead directly to independence, strength, power and intellect like this particular shirt. What a claim, that a mere shirt has the ability to alter the future, but behold in its glory, the dangerous, magnificent beauty and epitome of what I believe it means to be human through this article of clothing’s influence. This shirt withholds information in its design that will be sought after for really the rest of time. It’s in its intricate detailing that humanity’s future can be seen. Tapping deep within our history into a time when the wolves ran wild with our ancestors, an undeniable connection between nature and humans is strong. So, if you dare to wear this shirt, be prepared to have a pipeline of information routed to you and your mind to be blown at all you, as a mere tiny human, can behold.

And I mean, it’s just sexy, right Dwight?



Raeanna Anglen