So, I didn’t purchase this shirt, but I am writing a review to warn people who are considering purchasing this, caution those who might encounter it, and inform the public of its effects in an effort to prevent anymore victims, like myself.

First off, I am a woman that many guys would consider to be “attractive.” I have a nice amount of assets that men usually drool over, and it is nothing to me for a guy to whistle and shout. However, I have NEVER been so insulted by a guy’s admiring of me until one of those jerks had this shirt on.

I went to get some gas one morning at the local station a few minutes from my house. I pulled up to a pump, parked, and proceeded to walk inside to purchase breakfast for my little red Corvette. I stood in line with a $20 bill folded up in my hand and minded my business, as always. Like 10 seconds later, this guy comes in and stands behind me in line. Now, I can, literally, feel his eyes looking me up and down. Then about 30 seconds later, he had the audacity to slap my behind!!! At that moment, I almost lost it, ladies. I’ve seen that mess on movies and stuff, but I NEVER thought a man would actually have the nerve to hit my butt!!!

Anyway, naturally, due to my reflexes, I whipped around to this man and, as you might have guessed already, he was wearing a blue, short-sleeved Three Wolf Moon t-shirt. He nods at the shirt, gives me this little grin, and, then, winks at me! I mean, HOW BOLD this guy was! Did he really think that this shirt was a legit excuse for what he did?! Before I even knew that I moved my arm, I had slapped him so hard that the right side of his face had a red imprint of my hand and he was laid out on the floor, unconscious. Unfortunately, my adrenaline didn’t stop there, and I kicked the heck out of him. Long story short, by the time I left, he was still knocked out and I drove to a gas station about 30 minutes away (in other words, I drove until my tank was on E) to attempt to put some gas in my tank once more.

Now, I am not endorsing violence in any way. And I am not justifying my actions towards this man, for, under any normal circumstances, this is not my character. But I am promoting awareness of the mental/magical effects it may have on its owner. And I encourage people to STAY AWAY FROM THIS SHIRT, ALTOGETHER!

The only positivity that I can share in this rating regarding this fiasco is that I am somewhat of a celebrity at the local gas station, a shining example of the local feminism, and I am fulfilling one of my life-long goals: to be a mentor and use my life experiences in a way that is beneficial to mankind (hence the 2-star rating instead of 1).

Augtonia Coleman