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Augtonia Coleman

Dr. Jill Anderson

ENGL 1020-36

09 September 2014

Celebrating the Life of the Cassette Tape

 Dearly beloved, we are gathered here, today, on this blog ofWordPress, to pay homage to one who has left our boomboxes, but, surely, not our hearts. We’re here, on this occasion, not to mourn the loss of our loved one, but to have a celebration of life, brothers and sisters! Yes, our companion was taken from us against our will, and we have faced more and more of life’s trials and tribulations as we adapt to these flimsy discs and m-p-1-2-3 or whatever you call those audio things. But do you really think our friend would want us to continue on with hatred in our hearts? Do you really think it would condone our defiant behaviors, refusing to embrace the newer technologies we are blessed with today? Family, no matter how you referred to the now deceased, whether you called it “Compact Cassette,” “cassette tape,” or, even, the lesser known title (and my favorite), “Musicassette” a.k.a. “MC,” we all know exactly how it operated. MC lived by a single moral, and was consistent in its everyday life. To this day, I can still remember its motto: “Turn my sprockets ‘til my tape is taut. Put me tape-side first and then play me hot! Play me until my tape won’t spin, then that’s how you know that the end is the end!” You see, y’all, MC lived its life to the fullest but always kept the end in mind! It played that magnetic tape until it couldn’t turn anymore, and then it was still content. We have to be content, ladies and gentlemen. And we must not fail to keep the end in mind as we go through life’s ups and downs. If MC was here to play for us right now today, I know it would hiss and spin and then say, “The end is the end.” So, let’s take this service as a time for new things, for MC’s absence is an opportunity to become, technologically, improved!cassettetapefossil