In 1989, what was known as the Game Boy was in progress to be the first handheld game console manufactured by Nintendo. Later, it was released to the United States. The Game Boy til this day is one of the most popular handheld games in time. This portable game console was created by Gunpei Yokoi. It was first available to July 31, 1989 to some parts of the world and discontinued March 23, 2003. The handheld device had a small screen. It had an A and B button, a start and select button, and a directional pad on the left. The speaker is on the front of the device. This particular model used AAA batteries, which last up to 10 hours for play time. In 1995, they released models with color cases. The model had a 3.5mm headphone jacks to plug in the ears. Later, a more advanced Game Boy came along, The Game Boy Advanced. This model was different it’s designed consist of a flip screen. The buttons were similar. Instead of regular AAA batteries they upgraded and started using rechargeable battery packs. The Game Boys became a world favorite and is now a classic.

The Game Boy was a very popular handheld game console. It sold over half a million devices in the first week of the release date. Many people were excited and eager to try this new device. The Game Boy was known to be Nintendo’s fastest selling device ever made. It had many games designed for it, over 250 games were available for the device. One of the most popular game was Mario. Another famous game that Tetris. These two games along with a few others were among the highest in sale rates in the United States. The Game Boy was a new idea. It turned the game systems world around. Now there are many handhelds to choose from. Nintendo now has Nintendo DS and more models. Also, Sony has the Psp which stands for Playstation Portable. The Game Boy made a big impact on the world. Now, everyone can play there game anywhere.