Techonogly changes so fast that many of us can’t keep up with the velocity of the changes that happen. The cassette tape was prominent in its time and lasted a long time. The cassette tape was used for recording music and could be played thru a cassette player mostly powered by replaceable batteries.

The cassette was good because artist would sell their songs on it. Michael jackson on his hit “Thriller”sold a then record of cassette tapes of his single. It was how magnetic tape they could copy the song on to a good way to record and get music out to the people. Unfortunately this has died off and seems so long ago that number remembers 15 years ago that this was the way music was out and in vehicles not until late 90’s did they put cd players in vehicles. The cassette player has faded because of the cd player and later the CD player fallen off because of the MP3 players and Portable music devices.

Technology changes so fast that when we get use to one thing it changes all over again with new things showing up. It makes a bit difficult because with the way things work and getting adjusted constantly is good and has its bad. Things have gotten a lot easier and a lot more efficient, but with a lot of society who cant afford it and don’t know how to use it. It puts a hold on the ones who can’t figure it out get lost because everything is so technical now. The cassette player was easy you’d put it in and you would be able to play the recording. Working tech support and dealing with people who aren’t familiar with technology makes you understand how hard it is to make it function. The simple things have gone like the cassette tapes with very simple things to it being a lot more complex, but at the same time you can do a lot more.

All in all things have changed and technology will continue to evolve and become more complex and things will become different and there is no slowing down insight.