The good old days were when I listened to my favorite music on the cassette player.  I would listen to its resonating energy every time.  Whenever I stepped out of the house, I made sure that it was on me wherever I went. Those were the good old days.  Sadly, the cassette player no longer exists.  I cherished my cassettes; when I threw them away a little of me died inside.  We live in an advanced, and digital age where more and more advances are being developed.  The people these days are like screw the old stuff (like the cassette players) which totally breaks my heart.  Obsolete technologies like the cassette player brought me to life.  I will never ever forget the good old days.  The cassette player will forever exist: my memories keep it alive.  The best of my childhood experiences derive from that player.  It may have died in other people’s mind, but it’ll always be more than that to me.  I dislike how these new technologies that people are inventing make some of the greatest things obsolete.  Whatever happened to better quality?  Items like my Walkman was built to last, and would hardly ever break, and if it did, it was an easy fix.  It doesn’t end there, because people back then never had to worry about charging their cassette player — it was easy going.  All you had to back then was just change the batteries and it was good to rock and roll.  I had my cassette player for years; it was a gift from my cousin.  It was easier to just kick back and listen to my music without any fear of judgment of others: why do you carry that thing?  Those were the good old days…where I never was hassled for carrying my player – they were just haters.  The good old days – full of simplicity.

— Muna Muday

1979-Sony-Walkman-Portable-Cassette-Player-model-TPS-L2  Sony retire the Walkman cassette player . Jules,  KitGuru Limited