Whatever happen to one of the biggest things that launched in the 1990’s, THE PAGER. Everyone had a pager. Pagers just straight up and down was the tech you just had to have in the 90’s. Pagers or beepers whatever you want to call it was super popular. Remember how many accessories and fun little colors that came with that particular tech. The whole purpose of a pager was to basically give a person a wireless caller I.d. The pager had a number and if someone called the number on your pager, the person who dialed number appears. Now the owner of the beeper can see the number and call you on a phone. Big fun right yeah i know, but what if you were not by a phone………..OH NO!  Although the beeper hit the streets hard, it seems the invention of the cellular device knocked the beeper out of existence. It is just way smarter to make a wireless phone, so that when people call they can actually say “HELLO.” Now everyone has a cell phone and if you even dare to mention a beeper all you will get are blank faces.





By Stacy Davis