There once was a time in another life, another decade
When humans of all kinds would cram into a place called an arcade.
From all sizes and shapes, ages and interests,
People from all walks of life would make a physical entrance.
The reason for coming was pretty simple and neat,
To challenge the highest score, play and defeat.
Games and prizes, blinking lights and concessions
Arcades seemed to be a day of vacation.
Analog, digital, physical and mental,
There were games for anyone of any level.
Cruis’n USA, Street Fighter and NBA Jam,
To name a few making winners feel like “the man”.
Moving past all the digital systems to play,
Comes a personal favorite that could take up the day.
Hockey tables, pool tables and foosball alike,
These were some games with a physical strike.
Several systems were single players, but most preferred more
Like the skee ball machines lined to the door.
Shoulder to shoulder with new friends or old,
Coordination is key to the 50,000 point hole.
Let’s not forget the pinnacle for the wise,
Trading tickets collected for a really cheap prize.
Tickets were currency good for candy and toys,
Never lasting as long as the smiles or joy.
There was a good thing going between the 90’s and arcades,
It’s a shame personal gaming systems made that go away.
Arcades promoted community and social interaction,
Until gaming at home became such an attraction.
90’s kids will always look back, mourn and smile,
Sad arcades are gone, but glad to have enjoyed them a while.
So RIP Arcades, It sure was a blast,
Giving kids memories that forever will last.
The only question that still remains will unfortunately end this without rhyme,
But where are we supposed to get Chinese finger traps now?

Raeanna Anglen