Can humanity ever truly forget

Your joystick like pads and buttons of scarlet

Your moniker, Japanese for “hitting the target”

Your heavily wired relationship with the TV set

You who passed a year before my birth

An indelible mark left on this earth

Though thou were limited to two dimensions

Thou were singular amongst man’s inventions

History will always recall the awe

Of thy black and brown prestige

Thy humble, powerful colored cartridges

A remarkable dynasty I never saw

Oh Atari!

That made our mothers wary!

Fraying our fingers from unending tapping

Jumping and fighting and shooting and zapping

The not so portable system of entertainment

Unlike the chic toys of sony and Nintendo today

Yet a box of intrigue and amazement

‘Tis sad you had to go away

Oh Atari!

That was played with friends and family!

In collective focus, in attentive communion

Thou did enjoy digital dominion

For at you, our eyes stared intensely

To thy games we were committed immensely

As you redefined the concept of fun

In every nation under the sun

You defined the realm of gaming

Seduced the masses to endless consuming

But then your proud form of black and brown

Was loading its last cartridges

Perchance she could withstand this uprising?

Perhaps she could stay strong?

But the allure was gone; the rhythm faded.

Her rhyme was lost…

For your new foe was agile and light

A single wheel, attractive and glowing

Blaspheming with innovative abandon

And your hour had come

I honor thee, Oh Atari!

For you rest in peace in all our hearts

And sleep passionately in our memories

It is said,

That she still sings

Much less loudly

Much less frequently

Much less visibly

Under the skies starry


-Amarachi Nwaneri.