Can anyone recall what a VHS tape is? You know the rectangular square shaped box with the two circles located directly beside each other? Nope? Okay. How about this, go back in time to where you were a little kid and you wanted to watch one of your favorite movies at home. Do you remember what you used? Yeah! You were using a VHS tape, which stands for Video Home System tape. In society today, VHS tapes have been quickly replaced by DVD’s and DVD’s just keep getting better and better, Blue Ray being the newest edition to the family. 
Even though VHS tapes are a classic and were also highly used when they first stepped foot out on the scene, today, you can barely, if at all, find one in any household. The idea of today is to always be up to date with the latest technology and unfortunately VHS tapes did not make the cut. While I think the basics is always something good to hold on to I can also acclaim that the new isn’t too bad either. With DVD’s there are a number of things that make it more compatible than it’s counterpart. The first being the overall clearer image you get from watching a DVD. No longer do you have to squint or fumble with the tv until you can see the screen, it’s already fixed for you. Another big contributor to the DVD success is the fact that you won’t have to watch a movie from beginning to end, you finally have the option to skip around if you’ve already seen the movie. For me that’s the best part cause I enjoy rewinding my favorite parts over and over again. 
So I guess like the old saying goes “it’s out with the old and in with the new” but I’m sure the DVD will be the next to fall. 
– TJ Burdette 

P.S. That’s right.. The VHS is dead now.. Please bow in honor as we look back at what good memories it has brought us.