Hear ye Hear ye Death to the CD player hail all the ipods and MP3 players. The compact disk will be truely missed.

The CD player has become extinct,Headphones has become unattached and has found a new love his name is the Ipod. She has attached and revived herself again to have the attention of the listener. Itunes cards are in and Compact Disk is out. The Ipod can surf the web,tweet,instagram and facetime with other iphone users in the North ,West,East and South.

Iphones has apps and are tons of fun.

The CD Player plays records but only One!

you can bedazel and razel your Iphone /ipod

while you put ordinary boring stickers on the Cd player

which one these gadgets has flaws!

Death to the CD player. All hail the Ipod

you can only do one thing with the Compact Disk player

With the IPod you can do multiple jobs.

Death to the CD player as i put you yo to rest

I listen to the smooth jazz on my Ipod as if i am in distressed

No more CD players for me i am rocking with the best.

Ipods and iphones can put a CD player and flip phone to shame

Rest in Peace CD player I no longer say your name no longer feel the pain

I look to my ipod or Smartphone to play my uplifting games.

We have gathered here today to lay the CD player to rest

they have become extinct and its time to get with the best

time to let go of the past and turn up with a brand new upgraded device

can you feel the love.

Out with the old and in with the new

i got to get a brand new set of Beats by Dre Headphone to the Bass!